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conspekt.info The symbol of spiritual, moral and military feat is the "eagle". Today is considered one of the best days for all endeavors, communication, business transactions, job changes and creativity. Today, energy is actively consumed, so try to drink fresh juices, eat vegetable salads or stewed vegetables. Today, the activity of the organs located in the pelvic area - the bladder and the lower part of the large intestine - continues. To normalize their work, do abdominal breathing - a smooth inhale through the nose, but at the same time fill the diaphragm with air instead of the chest, but lower the diaphragm, and as you exhale, raise it up as much as possible. 10-15 times is enough to massage the abdominal organs and normalize their functioning. A lot of vital energy is consumed during this lunar day, so do not engage in intense and prolonged training. Be moderate in your food today, but generous in gifts and compliments. Start new things, communicate. If you spend today actively and openly, you will get a lot of positive impressions and a charge of emotional health. Tomorrow is October 31, 21 lunar days. Their symbolic name is "herd of horses". The energy of tomorrow's lunar day awakens active creativity in a person. The processes of body renewal are accelerated. Eat cottage cheese tomorrow, it replenishes the lack of calcium in the body and strengthens the bones. Move more, especially walk, train your thigh muscles, which are especially active tomorrow. conspekt.info
Date Created: Thu Nov 9 10:45:24 2023